Full Moon Whiskey Trail

Jan. 12, 2015, 6:40 p.m.

Blue Sky Ranch just kicked off the season with their first Full Moon Whiskey Trail outing. Their brilliant guides lead guests snowshoeing along a backcountry moon-lit trail, leading to Tavern Blue Sky, where an incredible meal is prepared for you by High West Distillery & Saloon over an open fire. High West is one of our many favorite restaurants we enjoy here in Old Town, so nothing would beat a special meal prepared by them over an open fire.

The adventure continues on, with some whiskey in hand, as you wander under the full moon to the Bly Sky Arena where desert and cocktails await you.

There are numerous activities to explore here in Park City, and we love finding and sharing new adventures. This adventure, however, is truly a unique and exclusive winter outing for guests staying with Cooper's Cabin. We are thrilled that Blue Sky and High West have teamed up to create this experience, it is one we are happy to share and recommend to our guests visiting with us here in Park City when the full moon is out!